Here is a list of our current giveaways and competitions:


As part of our upcoming celebration's for reaching the grand number of 30,000 hits we will be dancing and screaming at our own minor success.
However for our lucky 30,000th viewer it will mean a fabulous new YA book sent to them for free!
If you are 30,000th viewer we want you to take a screen shot of our hit counter and then send it -and your postage address - to our emails (see bottom of page).
Book to be verified soon.

Promote our site:

If you add a link to us on your own website then you will go in the running for another great YA book!
Once we receive 20 submissions (in the form of an emailed link to your website and directions to see the link to our own - see email addresses below) then you will be added to the hat.However only once we receive all 20 will we draw the raffle, so make sure to share us with your web-friends!
All winners of this competition will also be featured in a post on our site and a link on our side bar for 2 weeks.
Book to be verified soon.

How do our giveaways work?

Send your entries to us at both:

We look forward to your emails!

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